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How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress – Easy Method

The syntax error is one of the WordPress most common error which appears mostly. If you have installed some outdated plugins or theme which is not properly functioning for WordPress so it could be output as the Syntax error.

In this article, we will guide you how to fix it quickly without hiring someone.

First download FTP client.

Now connect it, If you don’t know how to connect your server with the FTP client so click here and watch the tutorial.

Now find the theme or plugin which mentioned on the error page.

fix syntax error in wordpress

Find the file and download it you can use FTP client or directly edit it using your Cpanel.

As you can see in the above screenshot it says line 549 so simply download the function.php or whatever file mentioned on the error page and open in Notepad++ and remove the line or try to correct it if you know web language.

Download Notepad++

Save the file and upload it to the same directory from where you’ve downloaded.

Make sure the old file you deleted.

That’s it..!

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