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How to Make Extra Money – Fiverr complete Guidelines

What is Fiverr ?

Well, Fiverr is free Online Platform which has no Monthly fee, where People can make money using their skills and also buy any thing in $5, you can sell any thing on Fiverr it’s not matter that you have to sell only serious items but it’s doesn’t meant you gonna to Spam. Fiverr has become world largest Freelancing website cause Fiverr care their Users (Buyer / Seller), and they give you all those facilities which you can’t get from other Lancing website. in this article we’re going to discuss: What is fiverr & How to use it and how you can make money using Fiverr.

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What is “Gig” ?

“Gig” Mean a service which ‘ll be sell on Fiverr, On many other Freelancing Website you ‘ll “Bid” on a Project or you have to need submit your “Proposal” Which is not so easy especially for newbies, But if you use Fiverr so you don’t have to worry because you can create a “Gig” and Buyer automatically come to on your gig, through search the result.

Example: You’re a Graphic Designer and you want to get paid so what you have to do ? You have to just create a Graphic designing Gig.

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Fiverr Rules & Regulations Abstract (Important)

  • Fiverr Allow only  1 Account on per IP Address (Never follow Gurus instructions that you can use multiple account using different browser in same PC , If you follow them so your account ‘ll be block)
  • Never Use Google Free Images only use Stock Images, If you don’t have money so use Pixabay.com they have Free Licensed Stock Images
  • Don’t Copy any seller Description, Write by yourself if you can’t so don’t chose Fiverr
  • Never use third class Video or file sharing websites, If you have some files which you have to send your buyer and fiverr don’t allow Larger file so just use Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Per Five Dollar fiverr charge 1 dollar as tax. e.g. You just got $5 order so you ‘ll earn $4

How to Create an account on Fiverr

Visit: www.fiverr.com

Click “Join” Button on top left side,

Now You ‘ll have a popup Window. As you can see You have to put your Email address, so Put it but make sure Email should be your own.

Click on continue button & type any username which suite you, but I ‘ll suggest use some Team Related names like “We_Design”, “Online_24/7”, “Fast_SEO” etc. If these names isn’t available so play with it like move first word to last and last word to first, or simply add “_” (Underscore symbol).

Chose a strong and very strong Password, this is the main Security of your account, Never use simple names for Password, You can add some symbol and some Numeric numbers, which ‘ll be Mixture of Small+Capital+Numeric+Symbol like: This i$ A password”

Go to your Email and Verify your account for next steps

Earn Money on Fiverr - Sing up Free
Click on Image & View in Full Mode

After Verification of your account, you can upload your Profile Picture, As I already mentioned that you should represent your self as Team or Group, Upload some Eye-Catching Profile Picture & save it

Wao.! We’re almost done, Now it’s time to create a “Gig” and get ready for orders

To create your first Gig just click on your profile & under the drop down menu click on “Selling”, Now as you can see Fiverr offer you create your Gig and be ready for Orders. Click on create Gig & Write any title related to your work, lets spouse I”m Graphic designer so what I ‘ll do ? I ‘ll Write ” I ‘ll Design 2 Awesome & Pro logo within 24 Hrs” Keep in mind your title should be short but Impressive, don’t fall in Keyword technique cause here your’re going to offer on Fiverr not Search Engine.

Some Tips to Write a Great Title: 

  1. Which Service you’re going to offer it should be clarify in Title
  2. What you can do for Buyer should be show in Title
  3. Benefits of your Gig, Should be show in Title
  4. How much time you ‘ll take, should be mention in Title

Consider it

Now Choose Your category like you’re Graphic designer so you have to choose Graphic & Design then choose Subcategory like Logo design, Banner Design etc (It’s very important that you have used accurate category).

Fiverr Category & Subcategory

Gig Image Secrets

The next step is Upload Awesome & Unique Image for your Gig, As I already mentioned that you should use Stock Premium Images, if you don’t have money so just simply use Pixabay.com images & Edit it in Photoshop or you can use any online Tools like: Fotoflexer.com

Remember Never use Fiverr suggestion size 550×370 px for Gig image because this size isn’t perfect for Fiverr Gig image if you have any doubt so you can use it &  then use my suggested size 608×409 px and compare it.

I’ve used this image for my Gig, I’m not Designer I’ve just used Pixabay Ready Logos.
Fiverr Logo images ideas

Okay Go ahead, I hope you ‘ll choose a Great Title using my 4 tips & a good Image as I used.The next important step is “Description of your Gig”, Actually description mean where you ‘ll describe your service in very depth details.

Write a Charming Description

Always write long description at least 900 words, and your description should be awesome , attractive and relevant to your Gig, Some Tips for writing a Great Description.

Your description should be consist on followings Sections:

  1. Section 1: Write same Title of your gig and Bold it
  2. Section 2: Polish your self  & service like you’re selling “Microsoft Company”
  3. Section 3: Which type of services buyer ‘ll get
  4. Section 4: Extra Bonus without Extra Money (Get inspiration from third class product)
  5. Section 5: What you ‘ll need to start work (Just write easy things like we ‘ll need Your company name, your precious thoughts & 12 hours timing to design your logo)
  6. Section 6: Write some attractive words according to your Gig like: You can check other seller profile and if you liked their services so Good luck if not Most Welcome, We’re Always online to help you.
  7. Section 7: Always try to keep on track your temporary buyer, buyer’s shouldn’t close your profile, maybe the didn’t like your complete description because what they are looking for maybe they didn’t find in your description, So simply write: If you have any custom offer or questions so Please feel free & contact us we ‘ll happy to assist you.!

Write this type of Description, you can see I’ve used all 7 section which is mentioned above |Just for Simple

Gig Description Ideas


After Writing a Great Description, next step is Perfect Tag, Keep in mind Many People following & teaching traditional ways of Tags, So for those I want to just say “This is not Google Engine or Youtube Keyword stuffing Place that you ‘ll use Irrelevant tag & your gig will be show in search result” This is totally stupid thing, Don’t follow this type strategy just use Relevant Tags, I mean use your Title word in tags like in below Pic.

Tag Ideas for Fiverr

Note: Use Unlimited revisions until you get level 1, & always add “Gig Extra” like “I ‘ll design Social Media cover $5” / “I ‘ll Accept Tip” etc.


How to Rank Fiverr Gig ?

If you’re serious for your Fiverr Business so just follow & implement theses Tips. [sociallocker id=”96″]

Tip 1. Share your Gig on “Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Tumbler Etc.(I noticed that many People don’t take serious, according to their thoughts it’s wasted of Time, but it’s not true, Social sharing mean you ‘ll get your Gig “Click & Views” and when you got high number of click & views so Fiverr realize that it should be in recommended section but it’s not enough for “Recommended section” follow Tip 2.

Tip 2. When you got good number of Views & Click then you have to buy some Fake review (maybe after social media sharing you don’t have to buy fake gig, if wasn’t sold so just buy fake review)

Keep in mind Never buy your gig until you have high number of views & click, and never buy from same IP address, What I do follow me:

Search some one who have fiverr account  & contact them that you need your gig sell you ‘ll pay $5 or $6 if he/she agree so sell it and add 5 star Positive review then next day again find some one & deal it, (Make sure 2nd order should  be in Que as long as you can” and repeat this method again & again at least 3 time. When you ‘ll have 2,3 orders in quee and 1 order you’ve already completed so then Fiverr promote your gig.

Warning.! If your Gig views & click is less than 50 so don’t use Tip 2 until you get high number of views & clicks, Buy your gig from different IP’s, and never offer anyone on fiverr just use social media for communication purpose.

If your field matching to below any Category so Congratulation .! If doesn’t so please try to learn any of following field and believe me you ‘ll be able to earn $$$ / $$$$ per day, Get pay attention below.


4 Hot Category | The Best Ways to Make More & More Money

1.Graphic Designing

  • Logo designing
  • Banner Designing
  • Social Media stuff like thumbnail creations etc
  • T-shirt design

2.Online Marketing

  • SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Traffic

3.Video & Animation

  • Powerpoint animation & effects
  • Whiteboard animation videos

4.Voice over

  • American Male / Female Voice over service (Very Hot)
  • British Male / Female Voice over service
  • Spanish Male / Female Voice over service

Now the questions is, Why I just wrote these 4 categories? Well, actually if you’re new Freelancer so maybe you choose any random service and you ‘ll start it but if you have little bit experience in Online field so you should know about “Research”, and definitely I’ve researched on Fiverr and I know that these 4 categories can sell easily if you want to.

Now lets look that how you can sell these 4 categories services, So I’m gonna expand all these above Categories so you ‘ll be understand and you ‘ll learn it that how you can get start.!

What is Graphic Designing ?

Graphic designing is using for Electronic/Computerized designing like Social Media covers design, Logo design etc, If you’re totally new and you don’t know about Graphic so don’t worry I’m gonna teach you with very easy steps, First of all Install Photoshop you can download from any Torrent website by searching “Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Mac/Windows” and install it if you facing any kind of error so don’t worry just write the error in Google and you ‘ll find some great helpful answers. When you finally installed Photoshop then open it and just find some Free Graphic Materials, You can find it by putting “Photoshop Free PSD / logos/ Mockup / T-shirt”, But make sure you just want to use on Fiverr because everyone knows that if you design anything from a ready design so you can’t sell in High Price you have just only 1 way that you sell on Fiverr.

 If you need any help about graphic designing so you can Contact us


What is Online Marketing & SEO ?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimizations, it is using to get Organic traffic from Google, Bings, Yahoo and other search engine, SEO is very serious field, In nowadays Peoples are making thousands of $$$$ in a single day just using SEO strategies, before chosing SEO field you must know about: Keyword research and Traffic factors, I ‘ll suggest you just go to Google and type “What is SEO” read it and understand yourself then next day again open Google and type “How to research keyword to get highly targeted traffic” and learn it, if you follow my these 2 steps and Implement it so believe me you can earn money on any Freelancing website


What is Video animation ?

Video & Animation is using for Making cartoon type videos or attractive video Presentation, which should be fast but understandable with eye-catching graphic instead boring texts. If I say without video animation Online Marketer can’t sell their any Product / Service so it will be 100% correct, Peoples don’t like long article & boring info graphic like this one :D, If you have a product and you want to advertise it so you have to find some awesome ways which People are really liking and believe me Animation advertisements is 100% working cause you can describe your complete product within 1 minute or less.

So the questions is how you can make animation videos in Free ? You can find some free website which are providing free animation service as a trial you can get advantage from them but it’s not a proper way, I ‘ll suggest you buy any Animation Making Program, or just simply use Powerpoint as animation video, you can learn about Powerpoint animation by putting “How to create animation video in Powerpoint”in Google.

Paid video animation websites and softwares:

Goanimate, Powtoon, & Videoscribe


What is Voice over ? 

Voice over mean recording something as a sound file which People can use in their projects or whatever. This is very hot category you can offer 100 – 120 words recording in $5. But before chosing you must know about Pro Voice recording, I noticed that 80% Peoples are using High quality headphone and complete setup as Studio but you can start it from a Normal cheap headphone, You just have a PC and little bit passion, I’m usingAudacitySoftware for recording, You can download it by putting “Download Audacity” in Google. (It’s Free)


10 Hobbies that Make Money on Fiverr – easiest &  fast way

As I already mentioned that you can sell anything on Fiverr but if you sell quality services which I’ve mentioned above so you ‘ll get tons of orders, if you sell Hobbies service so you can’t make Extra Money, Try it maybe you could 🙂

  1. I ‘ll Write attractive Tagline for you business
  2. I ‘ll distribute 20 flyers in my University
  3. I ‘ll share your Digital Product in Largest Facebook groups  
  4. I ‘ll share your blog with my Personal active twitter followers
  5. I ‘ll sing Happy Birthday Song (should be Female Voice) 
  6. I ‘ll help you to achieve yours life goals
  7. I ‘ll send top 5 games Secrets that you ‘ll never die
  8. I ‘ll correct your complete Article Grammar & Spelling  (If you can so do it, It’s very hot)
  9. I ‘ll teach how to make Five star dish at Home (I”m not able for this 🙁 If you’re so do it)
  10. I ‘ll send you 50 Stock images for commercial use (Find free stock images web & send to buyer) 

I hope you ‘ll like this article and  you’ve learned some new, Please share with your friends & if you facing any problems so leave it comment, I ‘ll try to solve your problems ASAP.

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Thank you for stopping Good luck & Love you All. (Faiz)

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