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The Top 5 Real Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan & India | Urdu Hindi Tutorial

In this Urdu / Hindi tutorial, you will learn the top 5 best ways to make money online without any investment in Pakistan or India. These all ways are 100% trusted, and I’ve earned from it.
If you are a student, worker or jobless so you might be thought that is there any way to make money on the internet in part time?
Yup, it’s common many people do the job, student and some of them are jobless too, and they want to make money online and looking for trusted website who pays really.

In today video tutorial I am going to show you real 5 ways from where you can earn money online.


Fiverr is the best source for newbies and especially for those who didn’t work online they should use Fiverr.
Fiverr is a marketplace where people buy services like, logo design, animation video, SEO service, article writing and so on.
You should learn few skills and start work on Fiverr.

make money online urdu hindi


Youtube is world largest video sharing and marketing website where people upload thousand of videos in every minute so why not you?
If you can make the video using your mobile phone, or in any software such as Camtasia Studio, etc. so you should work on Youtube. What you have to do is chose a topic like if you are student so you can teach people how to solve the math question, if you are driver so you can teach people how to drive a car, if you know about health so start making video like how to lose your weight, how to be healthy and so on. Just you have to take action, and you will have many niches/topic and off course ideas to make videos on it.


Blogging is one of the best sources to earn money online on the internet, It’s simple but takes some time, you have to create a blog, write content and apply for Google Adsense and monetize your content. You will be paid for ads click or impression.
It’s the best way to start affiliate marketing and other CPA work as a blogger.

4.Affiliate Marketing

It means you promote someone product and when someone buys the product using your affiliate link, so you will be paid for some commission.
Clickbank.com and Amazon Affiliate program is best, you can promote their products on your blog or Facebook ads.

5.T-Shirt Selling Business

It’s one of the best but hardest business in the online field, for this you can use Teespring.com website which is one of the best webs for creating t-shirt online and then they will deliver to your client physically.
You can earn $3/4 or even more than this it’s all depend on your design if you use less color and graphic design, so you have high margin and if you use many colors and graphic so you will have less profit.


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